Step 4 to a New Career: The Interview

Step 4 to a New Career: The Interview

A successful interview can complete your journey to a new career. Our Steps to a New Career series has shown you how your training, networking skills, and stellar résumé could land you the interview. Now that you have an interview, it’s your chance to make a positive impression that the employer won’t forget!

Preparation before the interview is just as important and can even determine your success during the interview. Read through the company’s website and job description. Review their “about us” section to see if the company’s values reflect what you’re looking for. If the website has an employee page, take a look at the people who you know will attend your interview or who you would potentially work with. Read online reviews through websites such as Glassdoor. Take thorough notes that you can refer back to during the interview. Brainstorm any remaining questions you have about the position and company overall. Your questions should demonstrate that you did your research, but that you’re still eager to learn more.

The beginning of an interview can often feel awkward for both you and the interviewer. When people enter the room, stand up and introduce yourself. Shake off your nerves with a smile and firm handshake. Listen intently and give thorough, but concise answers. The interviewer is very busy and doesn’t want to hear long winded responses. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! A friendly, can-do attitude can go a long way to set yourself apart from other applicants. Highlight your soft skills that employers look for. For example, you might have all the right technical skills, but you also need to show that you can communicate effectively and work well with others.

Following up can seal the deal after a successful interview. Send a thank you to the interviewer and add a personal touch. Highlight your strengths and something memorable that was discussed during the interview. Remember, you’re competing against a pool of applicants, so you need to make a lasting impression.

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