Career Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician

Career Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician

Get the Skills to Begin a Career as an Electrician in as few as 12 Months

If you want a career where you get to use your hands, as well as your brain, consider electrician training from Porter and Chester Institute. The Career Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician program at our campus locations in Massachusetts will help you take the first steps toward becoming an electrician. We'll give you a solid foundation of basic electrical theory and the technical skills you'll need to work in a variety of settings.

Our Career Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electrician program is offered at our Brockton, Chicopee and Worcester campuses in Massachusetts. Click here to view our Electrical Technology program offered at our Hamden, New London, Rocky Hill, Stratford and Waterbury campuses in Connecticut.

Program Details

  • Program offered at: Brockton MA, Chicopee MA, Worcester MA
  • Program length: 12 months
  • Credit Hours: 74
  • Graduates earn a diploma

How/When to Apply

We start new sessions on a regular basis.
Next Start Date: January 17, 2022

At Porter and Chester Institute, we're making it easier than ever for you to enroll using our automated application portal. Upload your documents and start the financial aid process without the hassle of drawn-out application processes. And our admissions staff is still available to help you every step of the way. Taking control of your career just got easier!

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Delivery of Instruction

On Campus Labs

  • Campus Lab Hours Day Program: 9am - 3pm
  • 2-3 Lab sessions per week, based on course needs
  • Campus Lab Hours Evening Program: 5pm - 9pm
  • 2-3 Lab sessions per week, based on course needs

Online Learning (while COVID conditions persist)

  • Students will need approximately 30 hours per week for instruction, activities, labs, reading assignments, and homework
  • All materials are accessible in an asynchronous format 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • First week includes acclimation to the systems and laptop

Course Listings

Term 1
Electrical Safety 1141
Electrical Theory One/DC Theory 1132
Electrical Theory Two/AC Theory 1133
Wiring: Residential 1144
Algebra with Trigonometry 1135
Introduction to the National Electrical Code 1146
Term 2
Conduit Bending 231
Installation of Electrical Services 1232
Introduction to Electrical Blueprints 1233
Wiring: Commercial and Industrial 1234
Electric Lighting 1235
Introduction to the National Electrical Code 1236
Term 3
Load Calculations-Branch Circuits 1331
Raceway, Box and Fitting Fill Requirements 1332
Motor Controls 1333
Introduction to the National Electrical Code 1334
Motor Calculations 1335
Advanced Motor Controls 1336
Term 4
Feeder Calculations 1431
Standby and Emergency Systems 1432
Basic Alarm Technology, Fire, Access & CCTV 1433
Introduction to the National Electrical Code 1434
HVAC Controls 1435
Telecom Cabling & Basic Telecommunications 1436


Tuition Cost: $25,980
Additional Fees: $4,170

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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Why PCI?

If you like working with your hands and learn best by actually getting up and performing a task, electrician training from Porter and Chester Institute could give you the results you want:

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Concrete Skills: 
We’ll teach you the fundamentals you need to know about electricity, electrical code and safety. Then, we’ll teach you a whole lot more –like how to install electrical power distribution systems, how to wire and connect circuitry and how to work on motors, transformers, generators and the electronic systems in mechanical tools.

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Hands-on Training: 
It’s not just what you learn; it’s also how you learn it. If you’re a hands-on learner, then you’ll appreciate all the time you’ll get to spend in the lab working on real electrical units with actual industry equipment.

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Road to Licensure: 
At our Massachusetts campuses, our electrician classes will help you understand the National Electrical Code and the Massachusetts Amendments and help you prepare to take the Class B Journeyman Electrician exams.

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Job Outlook: 
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electricians can expect to see faster than average job growth through 2029. And as an electrician, you could work across a wide range of market sectors in residential, commercial, municipal and industrial settings.

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Soft Skills: 
We’ll teach you more than just core electrician training; we’ll also help you understand how to work with professionals and customers in the industry. At Porter and Chester Institute, we’re proud of our students because they make great employees! Are you ready to get to work?

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