Employer Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

American Modular Corporation

“Porter and Chester graduates come to us with the electrical skills and practical experience needed to successfully wire modular classrooms and offices.”

Stan Knapik, V.P. Manufacturing, American Modular Corporation

“Make today’s efforts pay off tomorrow. That’s what Porter and Chester did for me. They opened the door to a awesome career and a great future.”

Tony G., Electrician Graduate, American Modular Corporation

Bantam Fuel

“We’re very happy to have Lamont. We found he was well prepared by Porter and Chester. He’s a great worker and a registered apprentice. He’s coming along very well doing boiler work, piping, oil, propane, tanks, wiring… all sorts of good stuff. We look forward to him getting his license soon and working with us for years to come.”

Peter Aziz, President, Bantam Fuel

“I know a lot of people and have a lot of friends where I worked that went to Porter and Chester. They recommended it to me and said that it was a good school. The instruction was good with plenty of hands on. I’m now a registered apprentice working towards my license.”

Lamont P., HVACR Graduate, Bantam Fuel

Jannetty Racing Enterprises Incorporated

“I was involved with race cars at Connecticut Dragway while I was attending Porter and Chester Institute in 1982. From there, I worked at dealerships and picked up a lot of experience. I had the drive and the commitment to do a better job and to treat people with respect when I decided to go into business on my own. Kris came in and interviewed with us from Porter and Chester and I liked his attitude. He had a very positive work attitude and he continues to show that on a daily basis. We’ve taken him on full time and we’re happy to have him on board. He’s become a good asset to the company.”

Theodore D. Jannetty, President, Jannetty Racing Enterprises Incorporated

“I looked around at different schools that would help me really get into the automotive field. Porter and Chester was the only place that I felt had a shop big enough to provide training for a year long program. The instructors are very personable people who will help you out any way they can. I’ve been out working in the field for almost two years now and they’ve always welcomed me anytime I’ve gone back to visit.”

Kristopher G., Automotive Graduate, Jannetty Racing Enterprises Incorporated

M.D. Services

“Marissa came to us while she was doing her clinicals for school. When she first started she seemed a little nervous, but she learned very quickly and we could tell she had very good training. She’s continued to do a wonderful job and we are very happy to have her.”

Jennifer Kagan, P.A., M.D. Services

“I thought about Medical Assistant and that it would be an interesting career. I heard about Porter and Chester, that it was a very good school, and I decided to go there. It was an excellent learning experience and the teachers were really great. I really enjoyed everything about it, the lab, doing the blood work, the CPR, all the hands on… I liked the hands on
the best.”

Marissa R., Medical Assistant Graduate, M.D. Services

Nationwide Security Corporation

“Porter and Chester’s graduates come on board with basic knowledge of electrical codes, wiring practices, and circuitry. It’s also evident that Porter and Chester stresses the importance of great customer service skills and professionalism.”

Michael A. Viscuso, , Nationwide Security Corporation

Porter and Chester’s Low Voltage / Electronic Technician program appealed to me because it offered such a wide range of career opportunities. Having the specific skills to install, troubleshoot, and service security, alarm, and low voltage systems puts me in demand in today’s job market.

Chris R., Electronics Systems Technician Graduate, Nationwide Security Corporation

Sund Technologies

“I work with many small businesses making sure their computers and networks run smoothly, basically acting as their IT department doing upgrades, new installations, new servers, and working to implement any software the customers’ have bought… pretty much all inclusive. Anything they need, I do. Prior to that I worked for Mobile Information Systems and then I branched out on my own.”

Aaron Sundberg, President, Sund Technologies

“The instruction at Porter and Chester is excellent, absolutely excellent. It was the best program that I found. I did look around Porter and Chester’s was the most inclusive, from start to finish. I’ve seen the program change, I think three times, since I’ve left, and every time they’ve updated the right things in the right areas.”

Peter G., Computer Network Graduate, Sund Technologies

Ward Leonard

“We are very pleased with Jeff’s performance. He came to us enthusiastic and very well prepared for his career. I think this is a direct reflection on the fine education they provide at Porter and Chester in Watertown.”

Bill Demody, CAD Supervisor, Ward Leonard

Porter and Chester Institute prepared me for a future in Computer Aided Design Drafting, which has helped me in my career. I’d like to thank the entire staff at the Porter and Chester Watertown Branch, who were all excellent, especially the instructors.

Jeffrey S., Computer Aided Drafting and Design Graduate, Ward Leonard