Low Voltage Technology

Low Voltage Technology

Get the Skills to Begin a Career in Low Voltage Technology in as few as 12 Months

If you want a job that gets you out in the field, using your hands and challenges the mind, the Porter and Chester Institute Low Voltage Technology program can teach you what you need to know to enter this dynamic industry. Our Low Voltage Technology program will thoroughly prepare you to become a skilled worker in today’s low voltage and electronics industries. We can help you acquire the skills you need to install, maintain and troubleshoot a whole range of the low voltage systems used in homes, businesses, hospitals and corporations all across the country.

Program Details

  • Program offered at: Hamden CT, Rocky Hill CT, Waterbury CT
  • Program length: 12 months
  • Credit Hours: 76
  • Graduates earn a diploma

How/When to Apply

We start new sessions on a regular basis.
Next Start Date: January 10, 2022

At Porter and Chester Institute, we're making it easier than ever for you to enroll using our automated registration portal. Upload your documents and start the financial aid process without the hassle of drawn-out application processes. And our admissions staff is still available to help you every step of the way. Taking control of your career just got easier!

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Delivery of Instruction

On Campus Labs

  • Campus Lab Hours Day Program: 9am - 3pm
  • 2-3 Lab sessions per week, based on course needs
  • Campus Lab Hours Evening Program: 5pm - 9pm
  • 2-3 Lab sessions per week, based on course needs

Online Learning

  • Students will need approximately 30 hours per week for instruction, activities, labs, reading assignments, and homework
  • All materials are accessible in an asynchronous format 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • First week includes acclimation to the systems and laptop

Course Listings

Term 1
1102 Intrusion Alarm Technology
1103 Building Trade Safety
1104 Construction Blueprint Reading
1105 Customer Relations and Business Practices
1101 DC Electrical Circuits
Term 2
1107 Fire Alarm Systems
1108 Home Theater
1109 Green Technology
1110 Low Voltage Electrical Code
1106 AC Electrical Circuits
Term 3
1112 Basic Telecommunications
1113 Telecom Cabling
1111 Semiconductors
Term 4
1115 Opto Electronics
1116 CCTV Security
1117 Live Sound Reinforcement
1114 Electronics Circuits


Tuition Cost: $24,996
Additional Fees: $3,690

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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Why PCI?

If you’re a hands-on learner who can’t imagine being stuck behind a desk all day, here are just a few reasons to choose our Low Voltage Technology program:

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Concrete Skills: 
You’ll be trained to install, maintain and repair low voltage systems and associated wiring. We’ll teach you all about electronics circuitry, fire alarm and national electrical codes and electronics diagnostics. You’ll learn about voice, data and fiber optic networks, fire, CCTV and intrusion alarm technology, telecommunication technology, home entertainment systems, live sound reinforcement and more.

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Hands-on Training: 
You can’t learn all this stuff from a book! That’s why we supplement online lecture with hands-on work where you get to use the same equipment and tools you’ll find out in the field. You’ll be able to build and design low voltage systems out in the real world because we’ll teach you how.

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Qualified Instructors: 
All our instructors are professionals from the low voltage industry. They know what to teach because they know what you might encounter out on the job. They’re aware that it’s not enough to know the latest technologies—which they will teach you—but that you also need to know older technologies if you’re going to fix them when they break. 

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Job Outlook: 
Today, everything seems to be connected by cables! Even WiFi needs a connection somewhere. That’s why your newly acquired skills could be so valuable. Industries using this technology include aerospace, business, defense, education, energy, finance, manufacturing and more.

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Soft Skills:
In addition to the technical know-how you’ll need to perform your job, we’ll teach you the skills you need to be a good and safe employee in a real world setting.

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