Is a Career in Computer Aided Drafting and Design Right for You?

Is a Career in Computer Aided Drafting and Design Right for You?

Products from microchips to monster trucks start with the skills learned in computer aided drafting and design. Drafters, often referred to as CAD operators due to the popular use of CAD systems and computer-aided designs, turn architectural and mechanical concepts into computerized drawings. They create 2D and 3D drawings used in construction, manufacturing and engineering, and generate plans that illustrate the structure and function of residential, industrial, commercial, or public structures and buildings.

If you have a technical and creative mind, a drafting career might be right for you! Additionally, these are skills common among drafters across the board:

  • Problem-solving skills - Helping architects and engineers identify problems and ways to solve them
  • Technical knowledge - Understanding machinery and how it relates to architectural design, construction, and manufacturing
  • Interpersonal/soft skills - Being able to collaborate on projects and communicate effectively and in a professional way
  • Time-management - Being efficient and meeting deadlines are critical to a project's success

At Porter and Chester Institute, our Computer Aided Drafting and Design program can teach you these skills and prepare you to start a new career in computer aided drafting and design. Your PCI experience combines qualified instruction with the technical facilities, computer equipment, and tools you're likely to find on your first day of work. So, does drafting sound right for you?

Now is the time to take charge and get moving! Porter and Chester Institute's Career Program Specialists are ready to answer your questions about the Computer Aided Drafting and Design program and career training at PCI. Request more information today!