Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Computer Aided Drafting and Design

Train in as Little as 1 Year in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Help build America’s future while you build your own with Porter and Chester Institute’s Computer Aided Drafting and Design program! CADD is used across industries to turn concepts from engineers and architects into usable computer-generated drawings and designs. Everything from buildings and bridges to 3D manufactured products all require teams of people to bring ideas from the drawing board to reality. At Porter and Chester Institute, you could learn the skills you need to become part of one of those teams. In the Computer Aided Drafting and Design program, you will receive AutoCAD training, Revit and SolidWorks training, and much more. If you want to build a brighter future, check out Computer Aided Drafting and Design training today.

Computer Aided Drafting and Design Program Overview

This program will teach you how to turn architectural and mechanical concepts and designs into computerized drawings. Learn how to create the 2D and 3D drawings (parametric modeling) that are used in construction, product manufacturing, and engineering. You’ll learn how to generate plans for structural, functional, and decorative features of residential, industrial, commercial, or public structures and buildings. Most every product—from microchip to monster truck—requires the kinds of drafting and design skills you could learn in our CADD classes.

The program consists of 1200 instruction hours, and you can meet all requirements in 12 or 18 months.

Professional Skills with AutoCAD Other Computer Drafting Software

At Porter and Chester Institute, you’ll learn by doing, working with the same quality software that is used in professional architecture and engineering departments. You’ll work with programs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Revit, and you’ll also learn the fundamentals of design, construction, and manufacturing so that you understand the practical application of what you are doing in the classroom and on the computer.

You’ll also work with equipment such as printers, drawing instruments, scales, and calculators, as well as large format plotters to print drawings for review and presentation.

Explore 2D and 3D Computer Drafting and Design Techniques

Gain experience with 2D and 3D drafting techniques, including parametric modeling. A parametric model allows you to change a single feature of a model, while its other components adjust accordingly to maintain consistency between elements. Parametric modeling is a must-have skill for professional computer drafters and designers.

CADD Training Program Career Outcomes

The Computer Aided Drafting and Design training program gives you the fundamental drafting skills necessary for entry-level employment. Typical entry-level job titles are detailer, drafter, junior designer, and CAD operator.

After you gain entry-level experience, you may specialize in one of these CADD fields:

  • Architectural structures (homes, buildings)
  • Mechanical equipment (tools, machinery)
  • We process plants
  • Space and aeronautics
  • Boats and ships
  • Mechanical systems design
  • Industrial design

CADD Drafting and Design Job Outlook

Today, everything seems to be generated on a computer before it moves into production. That’s why your newly acquired skills could be such an asset in the job market. There are so many industries that rely on Computer Aided Drafting and Design!

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were almost 200,000 drafting jobs in 2018. Expect this to remain constant through 2028.


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