Why Women Should Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

Why Women Should Consider a Career in the Skilled Trades

Opportunity is just one of the reasons the skilled trades could be a fit for you

During World War II, women in America filled the skilled trades job roles and kept the economy afloat, serving as plumbers, mechanics and welders. However, only about 8.9% of skilled trades workers in America are female today.

The skills gap in America continues to widen, and employers are looking for skilled workers to fill necessary job positions. With nearly half of the workforce in America being female, women are underrepresented in skilled careers like electricians or HVACR technicians at 2.4% and 1.2%, respectively.

Before deciding on a career path, here are some reasons why women should consider the skilled trades as a viable and smart career move.

Job opportunities are available

70% of employers in construction and skilled trades have a difficult time finding skilled workers, and the labor shortage keeps increasing as the United States economy continues to grow. Women are just as desirable for these positions as men. Studies even suggest that companies with a gender-diverse employee portfolio outperform the companies that don’t.

60% of positions in manufacturing are going unfilled, due to the large skills gap in America. This leaves millions of jobs unfilled, and open for qualified candidates. The perception of certain careers being “only for men” has been debunked; women are equally as capable of succeeding in skilled trades careers as men.

Low barriers to entry

Skilled trades careers allow women to find steady, good-paying careers in a quicker and more affordable fashion than they might find if they pursued a traditional bachelor’s degree.

Trade schools like Porter and Chester Institute offer students flexible classes in high-performing fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the electrical technician industry is projected to see a growth of 9%, and the HVACR industry is expecting a growth of 15% by 2026. These jobs are suitable for both men and women.

Find a support network

Tradeswomen organizations across the country support women in skilled trades careers by striving to build and expand their networks of women entering skilled trades. They encourage tradeswomen to continue succeeding, and to motivate other women to follow in their footsteps. With support networks like this, you’ll always have a group of like-minded individuals to share your successes and provide advice when faced with on-the-job dilemmas.

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