Are You Prepared for these 5 Healthcare Interview Questions?

Are You Prepared for these 5 Healthcare Interview Questions?

Do you want to work in the healthcare industry, as a medical assistant, dental assistant or practical nurse? Well, you can expect to hear some key questions over and over again when you head out on job interviews. Hiring managers will want to know that you’ve had the right career training, so they’ll ask you all about what you’ve learned and where you learned it. They’ll also want to know something about who you are and how you might be a benefit to their organization. Here are 5 healthcare job interview questions you might encounter and the kinds of answers you could offer in response:

1)  Why do you feel you’re qualified for this job?

If you want to get hired, you’ll need to give evidence that you’ll be able to do the job. Use words from the job posting to match up your training and qualifications to what they’re seeking in a job candidate. Are they looking for a dental assistant who knows how to take impressions, construct temporary crowns, use sealants and bleaching trays and develop x rays? Tell how you’d perform those procedures. Better yet, give examples from a class or externship where you actually did!

2)  How would you provide care to someone  while maintaining their dignity?

You can’t provide quality healthcare if you don’t put the patient and their needs first. Give examples of how you’ve already had the opportunity to interact with patients. How were you able to treat them with respect while still performing your duties? Did some of the patients remind you of people already in your life? If you explain that you’ll treat your patients like you would a favored grandparent, aunt or uncle, the hiring manger will see that you’re compassionate and caring.

3) What is your understanding of the rules of confidentiality and how do you adhere to them?

Your professionalism and understanding of the rules of confidentiality are extremely important! Explain what you know about those rules and regulations and how well you will respect and honor your patients’ confidentiality. Will you be careful never to discuss patients in public settings? Will you protect your patients’ rights like they were your own? Tell the hiring manager that!

4)  Can you give an example of a time you were part of a team and explain your contribution?

Today’s healthcare systems are built on foundations of good teamwork. Physicians work with nurses who work with medical assistants who work with front office staff. And it all works better because everyone takes a team approach. Have you ever been on a team? Explain the kinds of experience you’ve had as a team member and give examples of how you may have sacrificed as an individual for the benefit of the team.

5) Why do you want this job?

Before you go on any interview, you need to do plenty of research about the company and the job position. With that in mind, you’ll know exactly why you want the job because you’ll know all about it. Share what you think you’ll find rewarding about the job. Just remember, from your employer’s point of view, it’s more about what you can do for them, than what they can do for you. So explain why you’ll be a great asset to the team and how much your compassion, ability, drive and good work ethic will allow you to do a job you love to the best of your ability.

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