5 Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

5 Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

Tips about how to prepare for and nail your next job interview

Congratulations! You’ve scored a job interview, but now comes the hard part, right?  Job interviews can be a very intimidating experience, especially as you embark on your career following graduation. However, with the following tips, you should have the tools you need to prepare for a job interview.

Research, Rehearse and Relax

Before your interview, make sure to research the company, the people and the culture by visiting the company’s website and social media channels. To prepare for the interview, rehearse answering sample questions as articulately, confidently and honestly as you can. Don’t forget to bring a list of questions along with you about the job and company to show prospective employers that you’re interested in hearing more about the job and learning about the company.

On the night before your interview, relax by getting a good night’s sleep, eating a good meal and practicing other stress relieving techniques. Remember: it’s just a conversation! Be yourself.

Dress for success

As the old saying goes, ‘dress for the job you want” and while every company has its own culture, dress appropriately by erring on the side of more formal attire. Avoid overly bright tones, flashy jewelry, and anything that is too casual and instead, opt for more neutral and flattering colors.

Know the Do’s

Being prepared for your interview is critical to success. Along with a notebook containing any questions you have about the job, make sure to have extra copies of your resume, references and samples of your prior work on hand.

On the day of your interview, arrive 15-20 minutes before your interview with the hiring manager is scheduled to start. While you’re waiting, make sure to utilize the time to review notes and mentally practice your answers. When it’s time for your interview, make a good first impression by shaking hands firmly, smiling and making eye contact.

Know the Dont's

Depending on the nature of the job, be careful about discussing salary and benefits. Unless they ask, try to hold off on discussing these until an offer is made. This leaves you room to negotiate if an offer is made and lets both you and the company focus on whether you are the right fit for the job.

Follow up

Immediately after the interview, send a thank you note to the hiring manger and anyone else you met to reiterate your interest in the job and the company. In the note, you should highlight the reasons why you would be the right fit for the position. While e-mail is the quickest way to express your thanks, sending a handwritten note can show the hiring manager how much the job means to you because of the time you took to write it.

For more information about how to best prepare for a job interview, schedule a visit at one of our Porter and Chester Institute campuses to see how our Career Services team can help you.