How to Become an Electrician Apprentice in 5 Easy Steps

electrician apprentice training
electrician apprentice training

How to Become an Electrician Apprentice in 5 Easy Steps

Are you a good problem-solver who has always found electricity and electrical technology pretty fascinating? If your answer is yes, then maybe an electrical career would be a natural fit for your natural abilities. Long before you become an electrician though, you’ll need to work in the field as an apprentice. Here are 5 steps you can take to become an electrician apprentice:

1. Research Electricity and Electrician Jobs

Before you begin any career, you’ll want to learn as much about it as you can. Read books about electricity and electrical code. Follow job postings about the profession. Talk to experienced electricians. Find out what they do, where they do it, and what they like about their jobs. Does what they do sound like something for you?

2. Get Your High School Diploma

If you haven’t already graduated from high school, you likely need your diploma or GED to become an electrician apprentice. One year of algebra can give you a head start. Additional math and science courses, such as physics, will also help you understand the principles of electricity and electric circuitry.

3. Enroll in an Electrician Training Program

If you want to work as an apprentice, get some solid electrician skills to bring to the table. Choose an electrician career training program that teaches you the fundamentals of electricity, electrical code and safety, while also giving you the opportunity to try out what you’re learning in a hands-on environment. You’ll need a good combination of classroom instruction and lab work so you’ll fully understand what it’s like to work on real electrical units, distribution systems and industry equipment.

4. Find an Electrician Apprentice Sponsor

Private companies participate in apprenticeship programs to teach and train future workers. The programs are supervised by the state and must adhere to state regulations, but you can locate participating companies independently. You can also find them through local unions, career centers, and Veterans’ programs.

5. Prepare for Your Electrician Apprenticeship Interview

An apprenticeship could be one of the most important steps you take on the road to becoming a journeyman or master electrician, so you need to take it seriously. Research the company and polish your resume and cover letter. And when you’re at the interview, don’t just talk about all you hope to learn; explain why you’d be a great asset to the company.


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