Follow these 5 easy steps and make your resume stand out

Follow these 5 easy steps and make your resume stand out

If you want to make your resume stand out from the crowd, make sure it has great content. Then, ask yourself: is my resume also visually appealing? It’s the winning combination of both that can result in a well-crafted resume that will get you noticed –in all the right ways. Here are 5 steps in building a resume that could help you land a job:

Use keywords from the job posting and other language that is relative to your industry. You wouldn’t use the same vocabulary in a resume in an effort to secure a job as an automotive technician as you would if you wanted a job in healthcare. Use the language from the profession you’re entering. Be careful not to overuse buzzwords, though. Keyword stuffing probably won’t pass application tracking systems and it certainly won’t help you when an actual hiring agent is viewing your resume.

Customize your resume to the position you want. Your resume needs to demonstrate how your work history and abilities connect to the position you are pursuing. If the job posting requires candidates who work well with people, don’t just say that you do, give examples. Fit what you’ve done in the past to what you hope to do in the future by creating a clear connection.

Stylize it with a contemporary format and professional font. Choose a type such as Times New Roman or Arial. Use a template to help your resume look and feel like something more resembling your personality. But make sure you stay professional and avoid using styles that are too edgy or quirky. Don’t do anything that might make a hiring manager reluctant to take you seriously.

Use Color A little bit of well-placed color can really help separate your resume from the pack. Don’t go overboard, though. A dark blue or burgundy border, along with your name and personal credentials in color can bring attention where you want it.

Proofread it One of the best ways to prove skills like thoroughness and attention to detail is to make certain that you give your resume the time and effort it deserves. Make sure to edit your resume to catch typos, spelling errors and inconsistent tense and voice. Read and reread it. And then ask a friend, teacher or Career Services Advisor to do the same.  Finally, press f7 on your keyboard for a spell and grammar check if you’re using Microsoft Word.

If you want your resume to be the best it can be for the job you hope to acquire, contact Career Services at Porter and Chester Institute. We help all our students and graduates with career guidance that includes advice on resumes, cover letters, effective job searches and more.