Grad Advances His Career Thanks to Porter and Chester Institute

Grad Advances His Career Thanks to Porter and Chester Institute

Dean Washburn started with Accent Limousine in Milford in 1998. He washed cars part time and helped out wherever he could. He assisted the mechanic who worked on the limos and when he left, Dean stepped in. But Dean knew he needed more training if he wanted to be an effective automotive technician and advance his career. That’s when he enrolled at Porter and Chester Institute.

“I’d checked out other schools,” said Dean, “but they weren’t for me. One had a two-year program and I could afford the program but I couldn’t afford to live if I chose it. It was too expensive.”

Dean says he’d learned some basic mechanics working at Accent, but didn’t know enough.

“We had to send a lot out, which costs money,” said Dean. “Now, I can handle it. We pretty much don’t need to send anything out anymore. The owner trusts me to keep the cars on the road for him. It’s like one less thing he has to worry about. He trusts me with all the vehicles.”

Dean handles a fleet of 22 and performs whatever mechanical maintenance and repairs need to be done. He says he’s become a valuable asset to his company and he now has benefits he didn’t have before like regular pay raises and paid vacation.

According to Dean, the hands-on training he received in the automotive technology program at Porter and Chester was great, but the instructors were what made all the difference.

“If you go in there with the right attitude, you’ll learn a lot,” said Dean. “The instructors are great and you can pick their brains to learn even more than what they teach you during class.”

Dean was so satisfied with the skills he learned at Porter and Chester that he recommended the school to his stepson. His stepson completed the HVACR program and went on to find career success of his own.

“I love my job,” said Dean.

He says he’s also secure in the skills he provides to Accent Limousine because of what he learned at Porter and Chester. If you’d like a career as an automotive technician, check out the hands-on career training at Porter and Chester Institute. We have nine campuses throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Give us a call at 800-870-6789 to learn more or schedule a school tour today.