6 Good Habits of Successful Plumbers

successful plumber
successful plumber

6 Good Habits of Successful Plumbers

Are you already a plumber? Or are you planning to enter the in-demand plumbing profession? Either way, you’ll want to provide your clients with the best service possible—so they come back to you instead of turning to your competitors. Develop good habits now and you’ll build a successful career that will last far into the future.

There are some simple steps you can take to help get your plumbing career off the ground. Most of these will become second nature to you after some practice.

1. Have a Business Plan for Your Plumbing Company

Successful plumbers have business plans and stick to them. Develop some goals, both short and long term, and then sketch out steps you can take to achieve your goals. Stay focused and check in on your progress regularly.

2. Manage Your Time Wisely

Always do your best to be on time to all your appointments. Remember your customers’ time is valuable to them and it should be to you as well. Realistically estimate how long each job will take. If you run over and are going to be late for a next appointment, be sure to give your client a courtesy call to let them know.

3. Always Finish Your Plumbing Jobs

In the contracting world, it is easy to get distracted on several jobs. But customers trust you to finish the work that you started at their home or office. Unless you have an emergency call, try to complete one job before moving on to another one.

4. Provide Honest Plumbing Estimates

Provide honest estimates: When customers ask for an estimate on a job, provide them with the most accurate one possible. Customers are not going to call you again if they have to pay you a lot more than what you quoted them. If they are not willing or able to pay you for a job well done, you can focus on customers who can. This is key because a fair amount of your business will be gained via word of mouth; your reputation is priceless.

5. Use Quality Plumbing Materials

It might be tempting to use less expensive products that are on the market, but if you spend a little more for quality materials, you’ll provide something more for your customers. This includes the products you use for repairs and the tools you rely on to get the job done. Customers will appreciate parts that work well and last a long time.

6. Master Multiple Plumbing Skills

Gain experience and knowledge about a variety of different plumbing techniques. Go to trade shows, workshops, or other training opportunities like online courses. Read up on the latest technology in the industry and don’t be afraid to be innovative. The more you can offer your customers in terms of flexibility and versatility, the more valuable they will find you.

Being a successful plumber doesn’t just happen by chance; you will need to focus yourself and develop some good habits to make it happen. To stand out from the competition you should provide quality customer service, while building a reputation of reliability, honesty, and versatility.


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