Why You Should Choose a Career in Plumbing

plumbing professional
plumbing professional

Why You Should Choose a Career in Plumbing

Did you know the United States faces a shortage of experienced labor professionals as many people reach retirement age? And plumbers are among those professionals in short supply. If you want a career that values leadership, collaborative teamwork, and complex problem solving, it’s time to look at the plumbing profession.

Check out five reasons to choose a career in plumbing.

1. Job Stability in Plumbing

Plumbers are part of an essential workforce that can’t be outsourced to countries like Mexico or China. When people need plumbers, they often really need them. The heat is out, the toilet is stopped up, or a self-repair went wildly awry. These are the times when plumbers seem like heroes. And if you’re good at what you do, you’ll almost always find employment.

2. Independence as a Plumber

Once you’re a licensed plumber, you’ll a lot of autonomy on the job. When you work for someone else, your job will be to get it done. In a commercial setting, that means doing your part while you work as part of a team. But if you work in residential plumbing, you’ll probably have a van to use. You’ll go to someone’s home, assess the work, perform installations and repairs, and work directly with the client. You’ll do your work independently. You may also have jobs on the side where you work for yourself. And someday, you could start your own plumbing business, giving you even more independence and flexibility.

3. Advancement Opportunities for Plumbers

When you first start out, you’ll work under the supervision of a contractor plumber. But you don’t want to be someone’s apprentice forever. You want more! Depending upon your state’s requirements, you’ll be able to sit for an exam that could help advance your career. For example, the plumbing license rules in the state of Connecticut require that you complete a registered apprenticeship program or have equivalent experience and training before you take the journeyperson exam. Passing that exam is a key milestone for your professional development. After two years as a journeyperson, you can sit for the contractor license exam. The more you learn, the more you could earn.

4. Personal and Professional Satisfaction in the Plumbing Profession

As a plumber, you’ll keep your mind and body active through exciting problem solving and physical requirements. You’ll also feel the satisfaction of working in a respected and worthy profession that protects the health and safety of the community by delivering clean water and proper sanitation services. And you’ll have an actual career, not just a job.

5. Plumbing Is a People-Facing Profession

Don’t want to sit in an office all day? A career in plumbing can offer you the benefits of a varied work environment where you’ll meet and interact with new people every day. How are your people skills? With a friendly attitude and excellent customer service, you can build your clientele and your career.


If you like to find creative solutions to problems and work with your hands, a career in plumbing may be right for you. And through hard work, dedication, and industry professionalism, you could grow your career from field technician to supervisor and more. Check out the Plumber Training Program at Porter and Chester Institute in Connecticut today.