Work-based learning –Get real world experience while still in school

Work-based learning –Get real world experience while still in school

Choosing work-based learning and career training programs can help you prepare for your new career while you’re still in school. Career training schools that use this approach can teach you what you’ll need to know to do your job well and to become a good employee. Here are 5 ways work-based learning can help you succeed and get the practical experience you’re looking for when it’s time to get out into the real world:

Work-based learning takes what you learn in the classroom and puts it to use, right away, in a practical setting. Textbook theories are brought to life when you try them out while the lesson is still fresh in your mind. Learning about computer hardware and software from a diagram is one thing! Working on actual computer networks and systems is a different, hands-on way of learning.

Work-based learning programs give you lots of hands-on instruction. That means you’ll get a real sense of what it will be like when you’re working in the field you’re training for now. As an automotive technology student, you may get to service and repair real vehicles. And if you’re training to become a practical nurse, you’ll get to interact with real patients.

You can find out what you might like most about your new career and begin focusing on the areas that are the best fit to your skillset. While training in computer & network technology, for example, you might discover that you love computers but also like working with people. Then, maybe when you complete your program, you should look for a position as a help desk support specialist. That way, you’ll get to work with computers and people!

Have you ever heard that experience is the best teacher? Well, work-based learning gives you real experience that traditional classroom instruction just doesn’t. And you can highlight that experience on your resume and in your job interviews.

Most career training programs also teach you what will be expected from you on the job. You’ll learn how to act like a professional by showing up on time, dressed in the appropriate uniform with your required materials and a good attitude. Qualities like punctuality, attention to detail, follow-through and thoroughness are important in work-based learning programs and will be important in your career.

If you want career training that will help get you ready for the real world, consider Porter and Chester Institute. We offer programs in automotive technology, computers, healthcare and the trades at our locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts. One might be right for you!