4 Ways You Can Make the Most of Your School’s Career Services

career services at school
career services at school

4 Ways You Can Make the Most of Your School’s Career Services

When you make the decision to return to school, you’ve already made an important first step toward your new career. But there are more steps to take. As you begin to acquire the skills of your trade, you’ll also need to get ready for a job. That means building a professional portfolio, creating a resume, customizing cover letters, and looking for that first job in your new career. It’s a lot to think about it. That’s why it’s important to access your school’s Career Services office even before you graduate. They can help you through every step of your journey—all you have to do is ask.

1. Get Job Search Assistance from Career Services

The job search can be difficult to navigate. But your Career Services office can make the process much easier. An advisor can help you understand your strengths and what makes you stand out as a job candidate. They can also provide you with links to job boards and resources to connect you with potential employers.

2. Workshop Your Resume and Cover Letter with Career Services

Your resume and cover letter are two essential components to your professional portfolio. They could either make or break your job search. If you need help with them, reach out to Career Services. They can look over your current resume and suggest how you can tweak it to make it stronger or even help you create one from scratch. They can also give you advice on how to write a strong cover letter, including how long it should be, what you should address in each paragraph, and what you should exclude.

3. Ask for a Mock Interview

The most challenging part of the job search is the interview. All that stands between you and your dream job are a few questions—but what are the right answers? Career Services can often schedule a mock interview session with you. They’ll pose as an employer and ask you some of the most common questions you can expect to be asked during a job interview. They’ll help you shape your answers and point out what you should and shouldn’t say. They also give you advice on how to dress and behave professionally during the interview, as well as how to prepare for it.

4. Get Assistance After Graduation

Most Career Services offices provide their services to alumni as well as current students. This means that even after you graduate you can reach out to advisors for assistance. If you still need help with your job search or need to update your resume or cover letter once again, you’ll know exactly who to turn to.


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