Tips to Control Stress When Taking Online Classes

stressed online student
stressed online student

Tips to Control Stress When Taking Online Classes

Online learning offers a lot of benefits such as flexibility and convenience, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely stress free. Learning something new can be challenging, and balancing class with work and home life can sometimes feel overwhelming. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give online classes a chance. You just need to understand what you’re getting into and take measures to control the stress and find some find peace and calmness.

Prepare Before Your Online Classes

Don’t wait to prepare for classes the day they start. Get ready ahead of time, both mentally and physically. Gets lots of rest and start to envision your schedule with class time built in. Would mornings work better for coursework or evenings? One of the most important steps you can take to prepare is to attend student orientation. You’ll learn what’s expected of you as a student and find out what software you’ll be required to use for your online classes. Don’t forget to gather your school supplies. Make sure you have a computer and internet that will get you through and all the textbooks, notebooks, paper, and pens you’ll need.

Get and Stay Organized in Your Online Class

Nothing will stress you out faster than disorganization. If it’s time to tune into a lecture but you can’t find your headphones or you forgot your student portal password, or your computer battery needs charging, you’ll start your schoolwork in the wrong frame of mind. To ease your stress, create a designated study space in your home. It should be a quiet place that also has space for you to store your computer, charger, textbooks, notebooks, headphones, and other supplies that you’ll use.

Manage Your Time with Coursework

A big part of organization is time management. Break out your week into an organized schedule so you can successfully manage your work, family, and classes. If you like lists, you can create daily checklists of your assignments and personal things to do. A calendar, planner, or time management app can also help you stay on top of everything you need to do.

Balance Work and Play

All work and no play make you a stressed-out student. You need to walk away from the computer every now and then and take some time for yourself. Read a book, watch a TV show, or go for a walk. Spend some time with your family, fur babies, or friends. Exercise, cook, or meditate. Do whatever it is that helps you relax and unwind. Without some downtime, you’ll feel burnt out. And when you feel burnt out, you can’t do your best work as a student.

Connect with Other Students in Your Online Classes

It’s easy to feel isolated and alone when you take online classes because you aren’t in a classroom filled with your peers. But that doesn’t mean you are alone—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You actually have a whole class full of peers who are going through a similar journey as you. Take the time to connect with them, through study groups, a class forum, or just reach out to them through your student email. By doing so, you’ll help them feel more connected too.

Ask for Help from Your Instructors When You Need It

Learning something new isn’t always easy. And it can be easy to stress out over difficult concepts or skills that you need to grasp. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Reach out to your instructor and ask for extra guidance or tutoring. It’s their job to help you learn, and they want to see you succeed.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to care for yourself. Get lots of sleep, eat well, and drink a lot of water. If you don’t take care of your basic needs, you won’t be able to take care of your schoolwork. When you feel a moment of anxiety or worry take over, take a deep breath or visualize yourself in a serene environment. Better yet, visualize yourself in your new career!


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