"Going Green" as an Electronics Systems Technician

"Going Green" as an Electronics Systems Technician

Green technology at Porter and Chester Institute

Porter and Chester Institute was founded 70+ years ago, and since then, our programs have adapted to meet employer needs and advancements in technology. Our Career Electronics Systems Technician program has continuously evolved and students are currently trained to utilize low voltage systems, including green technology.

Career Electronics Systems Technician instructor Jim Hagan highlights how students are learning some of the basics in environmental technology by "going green" with solar panel systems.

What is green technology?

Green technology refers to technological advancements designed to help conserve energy and lower the impact of human beings have on the environment. Often times, this refers to something as simple as recycling, but can also include electric cars, energy efficient light bulbs, and solar technology.

How do students learn green technology?

As most people know, solar panels produce electricity or power when struck by sunlight. Solar panels contain cells that produce a chemical reaction when hit with ultra-violet light, resulting in voltage that can power electronic systems.

During our program, students learn about the intricacies of solar power generation and after graduation could seek a job with a solar power system integrator installing and servicing residential or commercial units to meet energy efficient needs.

Our students also learn the dynamics of solar panel systems by learning how to best orient solar panels for maximum output from the sun and how to adjust for location and climate. For example, panels by the ocean can be exposed to hurricane winds while panels in the northern United States are subjected to heavy snow. These scenarios, by code, must be taken into consideration when selecting mounting hardware for solar panels.

Students also receive in-depth safety requirement training in the OSHA 30 course, including working with low voltage electricity, and working from heights.

If you want to learn more about green technology and electronics, find out more about our Career Electronics Systems Technician program by visiting PorterChester.edu.