From Backpacks to Tassels

From Backpacks to Tassels

Highlighting the student journey in trade school programs

Each student journey is different from one individual to the next. There are so many factors and questions that go into choosing the right school or program, and what to do after you graduate. In an effort to help guide you through some of those intense questions, we've compiled some easy tips and information on how to make your time in a trade school program as smooth as possible.

Where do I go?

With seemingly endless options for pursuing a new education, it's important to take a step back and evaluate what you want from a trade school program. If you're someone who desires to get into the workforce quickly, while learning and gaining experience with a hands-on approach, then a trade school program would likely be the perfect option for you.

At Porter and Chester Institute (PCI), we encourage potential students to call and speak to us about their future. We can provide campus tours and visits, as well as individualized attention from advisors who can help guide you on your journey.

What program do I choose?

Just as nerve-wracking as knowing where you'll attend school is figuring out what trade school program you're going to enroll in. There are plenty of factors to consider, such as the length of the program, projected job growth, the skills needed and the cost. Navigating through websites, search engines, and making calls to find that information can be time-consuming.

PCI offers an efficient way to find much of the information you might need, all in one document. We encourage students to go through our program catalog for information about our history, program details, tuition and costs, and student body. By reading through the description of each program and deciding if the career path matches your skillset, you'll be better equipped to make a smart decision on the type of program you want to pursue.

I'm what?

You see the finish line on the horizon, and it's almost time to make your way across the stage. However, before you flip your tassel, you'll need some help to secure that job. The entire job-hunting process requires you to do some research and preparation.

We can also help you in finding job openings, creating a resume, and even practicing interviewing techniques through mock-interviews. Our team of Career Services Advisors are eager to help you prepare for the workforce to help you land a job. Our advisors will continue to help you prepare for and find jobs, even after you've already graduated.

From backpacks to tassels, we're here to help make your student journey as seamless as possible. If you're interested in a program at PCI or just want to talk to someone about options, call us at 800-870-6789, or visit our website