Do you have the skills to excel in vocational training?

Do you have the skills to excel in vocational training?

Find the right type of education to meet your interests

Are you deciding what type of education is right for you? Many find a four-year college major doesn't feel like the right fit, and that vocational training better suits their skillset. Take a moment to consider whether vocational training is right for you.

Are you a fast learner?

Vocational training can often lead to a quicker entry into the workforce. Many programs can be completed in as few as 12 months, affording graduates the opportunity to get to work faster than other options. Rather than spending time on unrelated coursework, students instead focus on industry-modeled curriculum specific to their career interest.

Do you enjoy hands-on learning?

Everyone learns differently. Some feel at home in lecture halls while others learn best in a practical setting. Vocational training programs combine traditional classroom learning with hands-on training in facilities that mirror the workplace. If you consider yourself to be someone who learns best by doing, vocational training might be right for you.

Are you tech-savvy?

Do you enjoy tinkering with technology? Are you comfortable using phones and tablets to solve problems? Being tech-savvy is a great skill to have for those pursuing vocational training. For example, those interested in trades and technical careers use technology to find, diagnose and repair problems. Many in healthcare careers use technology to manage patient records and provide care.

If some or all of these skills describe you, then pursuing vocational training might be the best option for you. With a variety of career programs at 9 campuses across Connecticut and Massachusetts, Porter and Chester Institute can provide the training you need to become a skilled employee in today's competitive workforce. Schedule a campus visit today to learn more!