Can Perseverance Get Me Hired?

Can Perseverance Get Me Hired?

Today’s employers don’t just want to know that you have the career training and technical skills you need to perform your job. They also expect you to have the kind of soft skills that will make you a good employee they’ll be proud to add to their company payroll. Does that sound like you? One of the soft skills that can set you apart as an employee can also help you get the job!

Perseverance can help your job search end in success. Here’ s how:

Start with a plan and follow through. If your goal is a new career, you need to take action to achieve it. First, choose a career training school that will give you the combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training that will lay a great foundation for the real world. Programs that offer externship opportunities can also help you get a good idea of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of your chosen career field. And remember, once you’ve found the right program for you, perseverance means attending classes, doing the work and finishing what you start.

Build your portfolio. Don’t make the mistake of tossing an okay resume out to a few potential employers and hoping for the best. Before you apply for a single job, you need a polished portfolio that is up-to-date and relevant for the positions you are seeking. Your resume, cover letter, and online image all need to be in sync and project the image of someone a company would be happy to hire. Perseverance isn’t just about accomplishing a task; it’s about doing it to the best of your ability.

Make your job search a job. Spend time every day looking for your new job. Use social media networking tools like LinkedIn and Facebook, go on digital help wanted sites, and make sure you check out the career services department of your school. Tell everyone you know that you’re ready to work and do it every day. Then, apply to as many jobs as you can that are a fit to your skills and training. Be sure to follow the exact specifications of the job application and upload it or mail it to the attention of the appropriate person.

Follow up. Although it’s important not to appear pushy, unless you were specifically instructed not to contact the employer after your application submission, follow up with an email or phone call. Your perseverance will demonstrate to the employer that you really want the job and are eager to take the next step.

Prepare for your interview. If you do land a job interview, make sure you’re prepared. That means learning all you can about the company and the position. Participate in a mock interview to polish your presentation skills and practice your answers to questions that might be asked. Once you’ve completed the interview, take notes on how you think it went and how you might be able to improve next time. And follow up again with a thank you email or hand-written note that reiterates why you’d be a good fit to the organization.

Don’t stop looking. Even if you’re pretty sure you’ve got the job, don’t stop looking! You never know if the next interview could lead to an even better job. And as you build your career, stay constantly  in-the-know about career advancement opportunities.

If you’re ready for a new career, you’ll need a can-do attitude and the ability to persevere. You’ll also need career training that will teach you both technical skills and soft skills like perseverance. Check out the programs at Porter and Chester Institute in Connecticut and Massachusetts and see if one might be right for you and your future.