Best Parts of Being a Dental Assistant

happy dental assistant
happy dental assistant

Best Parts of Being a Dental Assistant

Dental offices just wouldn’t run as well without Dental Assistants. They help dentists before, during, and after patient procedures and they manage a whole lot of administrative tasks. They are an essential part of the dental team and they set the tone for patients’ visits. But is it the profession for you? Consider the best parts of being a Dental Assistant and decide whether this kind of growing healthcare career is right for you.

Help Patients Become More Confident

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, but many people have dental imperfections that make them feel self-conscious about their smile. When they walk into the dentist’s office, they may not feel proud of their smile, but once they leave, they’ll grin from ear to ear. You not only get to watch that transformation; you get to be a part of it!

Educate Patients on Oral Health

As a Dental Assistant, you’ll also get to put on your teaching hat. You’ll show patients how to properly brush and floss their teeth and discuss the impact that their oral hygiene can have on their overall health. In some cases, you’ll give them instructions on how to care for their mouth after surgery, as well as further instructions for follow-up dental care.

Help Ease Patient’s Fears as a Dental Assistant

Let’s be honest—the dentist’s office is a place that many people don’t like to visit. But it is also a place that people need to visit. Keep in mind that many of your patients, especially first-time visitors, will feel anxious and unsure of what’s to come. You can ease their fears by telling them what they can expect from their procedure, and by answering any questions they may have. You’ll most likely be their first point of contact when they enter the office, so you can also put them at ease from the start with a friendly smile and a warm welcome.

Perform a Variety of Duties

Do you like variety? As a Dental Assistant, you’d get to work on both the clinical and administrative sides of the dentist’s office. You’d help patients and the dentists by assisting during procedures. You’ll prep rooms, hand dentists tools and equipment, and serve chairside to perform whatever tasks are needed. Then you’ll clean up and get ready for the next patient. On the administrative side of things, you’ll greet patients, answer phones and emails, schedule appointments, and order office supplies. If you like to be busy, you might like a Dental Assisting career.

Receive Benefits as a Dental Assistant

Most Dental Assistants work full-time and receive actual benefits –like health insurance and paid time off.1 But some dental offices hire part-time staff. If you’re looking for a flexible schedule, you might be able to find just what you want. There are sometimes even night and weekend options.


Are you ready to start your career as a Dental Assistant? At Porter and Chester Institute, we offer a Dental Assisting program in Connecticut and Massachusetts that provides online instruction and in our dental labs. You’ll gain the necessary skills and experience that will prepare you to be a part of a professional dental team. Request more information today.