Attending trade school in 2020

Attending trade school in 2020
Attending trade school in 2020

Attending trade school in 2020

Training for a career in the trades is much more than a consolation prize

We've been led to believe that a four-year college degree is the only path to career success for far too long. We know four-or more-year majors at large college campuses aren't for everyone and those who seek other paths to new careers aren't just "settling." Attending trade school in 2020 is much more than a consolation prize!

Filling the gap

Many employers find a difference between what they need employees to be able to do, and what they can actually can do. That's known as a skills gap and it remains wide open. A 2019 study found that employers struggled more to fill their skills gap in 2019 than prior year, due in part to a lack of qualified candidates for trades and middle-skilled jobs. That's why those who choose training at a trade school can enter the workforce quickly with skills that fill their community's employment needs.

Earning potential

In addition to helping to fill the skills gap, those in skilled trades careers can also increase their earning potential. The median hourly wage for those employed in electrician, HVACR, and plumbing careers ranged from $22 to $26 in 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (“Median hourly wage” calculations reflect workers with various numbers of years in the field as well as various levels of basic and advanced training; it does not represent entry level wages.) Learning a trade can be a great investment in your future!

Hands-on career

Just as important as favorable job and wage prospects is career satisfaction. Most skilled trades workers find personal enrichment in hands-on work. They find value in working hard to solve problems and much prefer the opportunity to be on-the-go at residential and commercial job sites than behind a desk in an office all day.

Let's get to work!

At Porter and Chester Institute, students get real-world training that is industry modeled and results oriented. Graduates of our skilled trades programs are prepared to step into a variety of industries with a solid foundation for success. Request info today to find out how YOU can make attending trade school in 2020 your first resort!