Turn Your Passion into a Career

Turn Your Passion into a Career

Is a Career as an Automotive Technician the Right Fit for You? 

In the United States, there are millions of vehicles on the road at any given moment. With all of them requiring servicing, inspecting, and at times, repairs, it’s no wonder that the projected job outlook for automotive technicians is expected to grow through 2026, according to the United States Bureau of Labor  Statistics  You may be interested in pursuing a career as an automotive technician if you find that the following interests apply to you.     

I Enjoy Working with Cool, New Equipment 

Modern vehicles are run by sophisticated computers, so you’ll need sophisticated training. Enrolling in our Automotive Technology program will keep you on top of these technological trends, and teach you how to work with some of the newest vehicles on the market.  

I Love Problem-Solving

When you come across an issue, do you get satisfaction from identifying the problem and figuring out a way to solve it? If so, a career as an automotive technician could be a great choice for you.   One of the major responsibilities of an automotive technician is to diagnose potential and existing problems using computerized diagnostic tools and equipment. Porter and Chester Institute will train you on the skills you will need to identify the problem, as well as the technology you will be expected to use in the real world to resolve it.  

I’m a Hands-On Learner

Automotive Technology students learn by doing. Aside from online instruction, our students also have the opportunity to work on real cars with real problems.   We know that hands-on experience is what employers are looking for when hiring employees. That’s why we have auto shops on campus featuring an actual service shop where students are able to work on a variety of types of cars they will encounter in the field.  

Helping People Gives Me Satisfaction

In today’s society, cars have increasingly become part of people’s daily lives as commutes have gotten longer and more families have relocated to the suburbs. So, it’s common to feel like life itself has come to a brief halt when a car breaks down. Automotive technicians are the ones who use their skills in order to allow people to return to the routine of their daily lives.   At Porter and Chester Institute, hands-on learning and online education are partnered with professional development training in order for students to learn how to best handle customer inquiries.   If tinkering with cars and motors is something you enjoy, you can turn your hobby into a career in as little as one year with the Automotive Technology program at Porter and Chester Institute.   Winter Term classes begin on January 22 at Porter and Chester Institute. For more information on how you can enroll, visit PorterChester.com or call 1-800-870-6789.