6 Traits of a Good Automotive Technician

6 Traits of a Good Automotive Technician

Are you passionate about cars and interested in turning that passion into a career? Find out whether or not you have what it takes to become a good automotive technician. Here are the 6 traits you’ll need:

Problem Solving Skills: To be a good automotive technician, you’ll need to identify what’s wrong with the vehicles you service and provide the best possible solutions. You’ll have to look at problems from many different angles to diagnose and repair whatever comes into your garage.

Perseverance: Even with the most finely-honed problem-solving skills, you’re bound to encounter issues you can’t solve on the first go-round. Your ability to stick to it until you find a solution won’t just help your customers; it will help you become a better mechanic and add to your overall automotive knowledge.

A good work ethic: Your customers will depend on you, so you’ll need to be dependable. That means you’ll need to come to work every day ready to put your best effort forward. You’ll need to be hard-working and reliable and ready to tackle all aspects of your job.

Attention to detail: Whether you work on maintenance, diagnostics, or repairs, you’ll have to perform those tasks with exacting detail. That is because your careful work on important vehicle components could save someone’s life!

Good interpersonal skills: If you want to be a great automotive technician, you’ll need great customer service skills. You’ll need to communicate well to understand the needs of your clients and to explain what you’ll be doing to their vehicle. A pleasant and positive attitude will also make customers want to come back to you for the servicing of all their vehicles.

Desire to learn: New makes, models, and technology mean that if you want to find success as an automotive technician, you must continue to keep learning. Start with some solid career training in a hands-on program with instructors who are professionals from the field. Then, supplement your education with additional certifications and stay up-to-date with topics and trends in the industry.

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