New Student Laptop Setup

New Student Laptop Setup


Laptop Resources

Below we have multiple resources to assist you in the initial setup and use of your school laptop.

Laptop Setup Videos

Students who received laptops – please check the section below which applies to your campus.

All Programs Except CADD

Please watch this video which shows you the laptop setup and book order process!

Please click here for written directions (PDF)

CADD Students:

Please watch this video demonstrating laptop setup!

Portal Information

Students sign up for Portal individually. You may have already done this, particularly if you applied for a loan through the Credit Union. If you have not signed up, please watch this video and register for Portal:

Lab Sheets and PDF Assignments – Using Adobe Reader

This video will show you how to use the Adobe Reader program to fill out lab sheets or other PDF assignments on your laptop, then upload them to Canvas.

Contact Information

Contact our Student Technical Support Services Team if you’re stuck or have an issue with accessing any of your electronic learning resources. If you need to know how to do something within your course, or inside an App or Program, please work directly with your instructor.

» Contact Student Technical Support

School Issued Laptop Warranty Information

Your school issued laptop comes with a 3-year hardware warranty through the manufacturer (Lenovo or HP). Your warranty includes priority phone support, onsite hardware support & priority parts access.

More details about warranty coverage can be found at:

You can contact Warranty Support at:

Important note: Manufactures warranties do not cover physical damage of any sort (drops, spills, cracked screens, etc.) Repairs for physical damage will be an out-of-pocket expense.

Lenovo does offer an additional warranty that covers physical damage for an additional charge, and we encourage you to consider adding this coverage to your laptop.

For details and to purchase damage coverage:

Helpful Hints to protect your laptop:

  • Be careful to not shut anything (pens, paperclips, etc) in between the screen and keyboard when transporting your laptop.
  • Be very careful with liquids around your laptop.
  • It’s strongly suggested that you acquire and use a backpack or bag designed to carry a laptop.
  • Always unplug your power cord from the laptop when packing it up to transport.
  • Do not carry your laptop by the screen, ever.
  • Do not leave your laptop outside in your car if the temperature is below freezing.