What you need to know about career services

What you need to know about career services

How career services support students

When a student enrolls at a school like Porter and Chester Institute, they do so because they are committed to continuing their education with the goal of being employed in a desired field after graduation. While the skills learned during your education and training are extremely important to on-the job success, so are those that can be discovered through the Career Services Department.

Find out how career services can support you on your journey to the real work world.

The door is always open

If you need help preparing for the next quiz, you would speak with your instructor to learn more about the subject. The same thing applies with the Career Services department - they are here to help you identify the employment opportunities and skills you need as you embark on your career.

From the time you enroll to the time you graduate, our advisors are there to guide you and identify potential opportunities, from career fairs to full-time roles, by utilizing their connections with employers. Many employers will reach out to schools directly to fill their needs.

Practice makes perfect

It's natural to be nerous for an upcoming job interview, but with the tools provided by our team, you will be prepared for anything that comes your way. Our career services team will help you by reviewing professional development skills, such as best practices for job interviews, appropriate attire when interviewing, and resume writing tips.

Being connected

Learning how to develop and leverage personal and professional connections is key to successful networking. Through campus events, including career fairs and networking events, you can connect with regional employers to identify jobs that may be a good fit, or make that connection that can help get your foot in the door.

Visit PorterChester.edu or call 800-870-6789 to schedule a campus visit to any of our campuses and see how career services can help you with the tools to succeed in your future career.