Steps You Need to Accomplish Your Career Goals

Steps You Need to Accomplish Your Career Goals

With the start of a new year, people tend to set resolutions for things like finding a new job or heading back to school. Yet, career goals can fall by the wayside quickly when life gets in the way. How can you stick to the plan in order to reach your career goals? Take a second to think about what you would like to accomplish this year, and turn them into successes with a few suggestions.

Keep your eyes on the prize

The first step in achieving your dreams is the easiest: identify your goal. Do you want to try a new career path? Are you interested in learning more about a topic that interests you? Whatever it is, write it down clearly and specifically. Once you set your goal, assign measurable ways to track your development. How will you measure your progress? Maybe you’re attending career and internship fairs once a month, or networking with industry professionals routinely. Without setting up a system of measuring your progress, it can be easy to get lost or off track.

Create (and stick to) a plan

Once you’ve decided what your career goal is and how you’re going to track it, it’s time to create a plan that is achievable and within reason so you can stay motivated. Perhaps you’ll start off by making a great resume, followed by setting up some mock interviews to practice your interviewing skills, and then following through by attending career fairs and applying to internships. Finally, make that career goal a success by giving yourself a deadline. Without a timeframe, there is no sense of urgency to motivate you each day to accomplish it. Make sure your deadline is realistic while remaining challenging.

Celebrate the small victories

On your journey, remember to celebrate the small wins. The path to reaching your dreams can seem daunting and will be met with roadblocks along the way. By giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for each small accomplishment, not only will you feel happy, but it will provide you with confidence and motivation towards hitting the major goal. After all, a big goal is accomplished with a thousand small ones preceding it. Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Head to to find out more information about how Porter and Chester Institute’s Career Program Specialists can help you in your journey to a rewarding career.