Should I Go to College? 3 Questions to Ask Before Continuing Your Education

Should I Go to College? 3 Questions to Ask Before Continuing Your Education

Identifying the must-know questions you need to know

There aren't many things in life that can help you embark on a career quite as effectively as continuing your education and sharpening your skillset. Education is a financial investment in yourself that requires both time and energy to complete, therefore the decision shouldn't be taken lightly. You might be asking yourself "Should I go to college?" The answer might not be what you expect. While continuing your education is generally always advised, college isn't always the answer.

Before deciding on the path you want to take, consider asking yourself the following questions as a way to help narrow down your options and find the one that makes the most sense to you.

How long do I want to go to school for?

Landing a steady and successful job is the reason that most people choose to pursue post-secondary education. Therefore, finding a school that can get you there as soon as possible is extremely appealing to many. Using an accelerated program format, trade and vocational schools train and teach students the skills they need to be great assets to many industries.

If attending school for two or four years isn't for you, you can narrow down the options available by solely putting effort into the programs that can get you there quickly. At Porter and Chester Institute, we offer a variety of programs with some taking less than a year to complete. This means that you could enroll in a program and begin applying for jobs after graduation all within a short, 12 month period.

What types of classes am I interested in?

When identifying your career goals, ask yourself what types of classes you're interested in taking as part of your education. Some post-secondary options could take upwards of two years of general study before you begin learning about your designated career field. This means that you are spending time early on with mainly general education courses rather than those directly related to your specialized career path.

At Porter and Chester Institute, we recognize the time and energy it takes to pursue a new career. That's why our students start learning the skills they need for their future careers from day one. The classes they are taking directly correspond with the industry knowledge and skills they'll need to be successful at their future jobs.

How do I like to learn?

Not all students are the same and it's important to recognize that there are many different ways that students like to learn. By only focusing on one way of teaching, some schools exclude the students who like to learn in different types of environments, like practical learners.

Because of this, our curriculum provides students with both traditional and hands-on learning. We split our classes up between lectures, lab times and out-of-class learning in order to make sure we reach most students.

Continuing your education is an investment inyour future. Take the time to analyze and ask yourself the questions necessary in order to make a wise decision. Visit us by heading to or call 800-870-6789 to find out more information.