What Does an IT Specialist Do?

What Does an IT Specialist Do?

Emerging technology is allowing companies to streamline business operations and function more efficiently than ever before. However, new technology also means new implementation, new challenges, and new security threats.

IT Specialist Job Description

Every company today needs a skilled IT Specialist, or a team of IT Specialists (depending on the size of the company), to ensure that day-to-day business operations are running smoothly. An IT Specialist performs a variety of different tasks and works across departments in order to make this happen, which means they need both technical skills and soft skills to be successful.

On the technical side, IT Specialists should have a firm grasp on how to perform a variety of computer and networking tasks. These tasks will change from day to day, which means there’s never a boring moment! IT Specialists will typically spend their time building, testing, and maintaining computer networks, and performing routine maintenance on company computers, like installing new applications and virus protection.

On the soft skills side of things, IT Specialists need excellent communication skills. They have to explain complicated technical solutions in terms that people who are not in IT can understand. It’s increasingly common for IT Specialists to work remotely and support several offices across the globe, which means the IT Specialist may have to communicate across varied media.

How IT Specialists Help Companies

An IT Specialist will work with just about every employee and every department in an organization, which is a testament to just how important this person is in today’s business world. Of course, this also means an IT Specialist has a lot of responsibility. But if you’re the type of person who loves working with computers and people, and enjoys facing challenges head-on, you’re just the person for this exciting career.

Is There Demand for IT Specialists?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most companies, especially companies in the healthcare industry, will need to hire more IT Specialists in the coming years to install and repair increasingly complex computer systems. The BLS predicts the number of jobs for IT Specialists, or Computer Support Specialists, will increase much faster than average through 2029.


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