How to Make a Cosmetology Portfolio to Help Your Career

making cosmetology portfolio
making cosmetology portfolio

How to Make a Cosmetology Portfolio to Help Your Career

Whether you are a seasoned professional, still in school or just starting to think about a career in cosmetology, there’s no better time than now to put together a portfolio of all your great work. When you apply at a shop or salon, the employer will want to see photos to evaluate your training and expertise. You can have the best resume and terrific references, but “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

To show off your work for prospective employers and even clients, create a professional-looking online portfolio. This will help you stand out from the crowd and move the hiring process along more quickly.

Job One: Take Great Photos for Your Cosmetology Portfolio

You can have the fanciest portfolio in the world, but if your photos are of poor quality, they will not reflect all your talents in cosmetology. Make sure your smartphone takes sharp, high resolution photos. If it doesn’t, borrow one from a friend. Or use a digital camera and upload the photos to your computer. Test out different lighting techniques and remove background clutter. And be sure to include a few “before and after” photos of the clients you worked with (with their permission).

Create Your Online Cosmetology Portfolio with a Template

You don’t have to be a technical wizard to create your own website. In addition to photos of your work, your website can include background information on your training and experience, quotes from past clients, links to your social media and anything else you want to add. There are website building tools that are easy to understand and powerful without requiring any programming knowledge. Two popular programs are WordPress and Wix.

First, you’ll need a domain name. You can use your own name: “” Or you can come up with a company name. Just be sure that it’s clear that your portfolio is about cosmetology.

Your website portfolio should include four main elements:

  • A brief introduction with your photo
  • A showcase of your best work using images, videos, and slide shows
  • Services you provide and current employment status
  • Ways to contact you

The website building templates will ask you a series of questions and give you many choices as to colors, fonts, and designs. Have some fun. But if your photos are ready to upload, you can design your website in a less than an hour. Costs range from free to low monthly charges depending upon the amount of storage you need.

As you advance in your career, it will be easy to update your photos once you’ve created your website.


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