Creating your own path through education

Creating your own path through education

How career training can help you reach your dreams

A two or four-year degree is not the only way to achieve a quality education that can give you the tools you need for a rewarding career. Some students desire a faster and more focused approach to achieving the career of their dreams. At Porter and Chester Institute, our job training programs get students into the workforce quickly.

While a four-year education may have been considered necessary in the past, the world of employment is drastically changing each year. With a growing skills gap in the United States, employers need trained individuals to fill their job openings now. Take a second to learn what makes career training a great option for all students.

Immersive education

Learning by doing has long been recognized as an effective way for students to truly learn the material given to them. With practical learning, students engage more in the subject matter and immerse themselves in the material. They will also benefit from increased learning retention, expanded critical thinking skills and added motivation.

With career training, hands-on learning has long been a preferred way to learn. Students are shown the true skills they need in order to master a trade from the beginning. Job training programs feature lab hours, where students learn on equipment they’ll experience in the field. This immersive style of learning is a key component at trade schools and is hard to find in most traditional classroom settings.

Real world instruction

A major perk to career training is that you will be learning from experienced instructors. The teachers you’ll be learning from have spent years mastering the industry you’re interested in and have true hands-on experience with the material they are teaching.

This level of experience and exposure will provide you with the insights and knowledge you need to get a leg-up in your first job after graduation.

A strong employer network

One of the key purposes of career training is to create programs that help meet the employment needs in the region. With this in mind, local area employers in need of skilled workers will look to graduates from their local career schools to help fill their employment gaps.

Trade schools tend to have strong relationships with area businesses, and with the help of resources on campus, students have a chance to make a connection with employers before they graduate. At Porter and Chester Institute, our career services advisors work to connect students to real employers and jobs in the region.

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