Canton Career Services Advisor Knows Ins and Outs of Local Job Market

Canton Career Services Advisor Knows Ins and Outs of Local Job Market

Career Services Advisor Eurydice Barros has a knack for finding employers interested in meeting Porter and Chester Institute graduates. She also knows the students of the Porter and Chester Institute Canton campus so well that she can often turn students into job candidates. Eurydice makes it her mission to form a personal relationship with each student, so she can help partner them with a company that’s the right fit for their personality and skill set.

“When they start off, it’s not easy for them,” said Eurydice. “They’re juggling a full-time job, or busy taking care of their children.”

That’s why Eurydice goes out of her way to get to know the students and help them feel comfortable and confident. It’s the personal relationship Eurydice develops with all her students that helps her do her job so effectively. She also happens to be extremely knowledgeable about the job market and the hiring process because she’s a former manager of a large staffing agency.

Eurydice has worked at Porter and Chester Institute for four years, first as an Admissions Representative and now as a Career Services Advisor. She says her position as Career Services Advisor is not all that different from her previous job at the staffing agency. She understands the importance of matching a job candidate with the company that’s just the right fit.

Focusing on Career Services for students in the trade programs at the Canton campus, Eurydice works hard to stay on top of new job openings in the local community. Every day she searches on Monster, Career Builder, and LinkedIn for positions that might interest her students. Next, she researches the hiring companies online and tries to connect with the managers on social media. Oftentimes, Eurydice invites managers into Porter and Chester Institute to tour the facilities and speak with the students directly. In less than one year, Eurydice has brought almost 200 employers into the school!

Before they get the chance to meet one-on-one with hiring managers, Eurydice tries to prepare the students as much as possible. She focuses on teaching students how to act and dress professionally and how to market themselves to employers.

“It’s my job to make our graduates stand out. I try to get them to think outside the box when it comes to their job search,” said Eurydice. “I get to know them, so I can help them craft a resume and a cover letter that’s personalized to them and their future career goals.”

Recently, Eurydice invited the owner of Even Flow Ducted Air, a HVAC Service company out of Nantucket, into the school to meet with the Porter and Chester Institute HVACR students. The owner was on the search for new employees and he found them at Porter and Chester Institute. He hired three students on the spot and even offered to pay for their housing on the island. The students haven’t even graduated yet but they have jobs waiting for them when they do!

Eurydice wasn’t surprised at the quick hires. She knows just how great the students of Porter and Chester Institute are.

“I love working with the students,” said Eurydice. “They start off not knowing very much, but then I get to watch them grow. Not just professionally, but personally, too. Seeing the student graduate and knowing you played a part in that process is the best feeling in the world,”said Eurydice.