Why PCI Might Be the Right Step for You

Why PCI Might Be the Right Step for You

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's safe to say that getting a job has been challenging. Between company layoffs and global shutdowns, the need for hiring has decreased significantly.1 It has also been hard for some to go back to school. That is where Porter and Chester Institute comes into play. With hybrid, online, and in-person classes, you can go back to school for something that you love in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.

Trade School Programs are Flexible

Getting an education is not a "one size fits all." With different options for how you prefer to attend classes and your availability for those classes, getting a trade school education has become more flexible and manageable than ever - especially if you have a busy lifestyle. At Porter and Chester Institute, there are many choices for your education that can adapt to whatever schedule you're working with.

There are Great Options for Financial Aid, Grants, and Scholarships

At Porter and Chester Institute, there are a lot of financial aid options available to students who qualify that could help in paying for your tuition. There are several federal student loan programs including the Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (DL) which includes Federal Direct Subsidized Loans (DSL), Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan (DUL), and Federal Direct PLUS Loan (DPLUS) for parents. Federal grants are also an option for those who qualify and include the Federal Pell Grant and the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). Scholarships are also available to eligible students including the Imagine America Scholarship and other smaller programs awarded by Porter and Chester Institute. Request information on our website to learn more about scholarships, grants, and financial aid you may qualify for.

Trade Industries are Booming

It's no surprise that the need for individuals with trade school-earned qualifications is increasing.2 Between plumbing, cosmetology3, HVAC, and more, these fields are always welcoming more skilled professionals. At Porter and Chester Institute you can train for a trade career that will launch you into a new career in the working world. The need for plumbers, nurses, electricians, cosmetologists, and more will always exist, and at Porter and Chester Institute, you can work towards that goal in a way that is convenient for you.

You'll Get a Personalized Experience

At Porter and Chester Institute, you'll learn from skilled professionals who have already worked in the field you're looking to get involved in. Your classmates will be other individuals who are eager to learn the same trade as you. Those two combined form a large part the community that's helpful for your career field moving forward.

Ready to get started? Request information on our website and check out our course catalog to see where you'll thrive at Porter and Chester Institute.

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