What Jobs Can You Get with a Dental Assisting Diploma?

Dental Assisting diploma in as few as 10 months
Dental Assisting diploma in as few as 10 months

What Jobs Can You Get with a Dental Assisting Diploma?

At Porter and Chester Institute, you can get your diploma in Dental Assisting in as few as 10 months. This program is offered at multiple campuses throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. In this program you'll learn things like oral anatomy, dental radiography, infection control, and much more. But what types of jobs are you qualified for after graduation and what do they entail?

Endodontics Assistant1

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Performing x-rays
  • Assisting before, during, and after a root canal
  • Clean patients' mouths
  • Monitor patient's comfort

Oral Surgery Assistant2

  • Prepping work stations
  • Educating patients on post-operative dental care
  • Assist with examinations and procedures

Orthodontics Assistant3

  • Take impressions of patients' teeth
  • Take x-rays
  • Check orthodontic gear
  • Preparing tools for orthodontist
  • Get patients ready for procedures

Pediatric Dentistry Assistant4

  • Preparing exam rooms
  • Setting up tools
  • Teaching children proper brushing and flossing practices
  • Taking and developing x-rays

Periodontist Assistant5

  • Retrieve patient records
  • Set up examination room
  • Handing periodontist tools doing examination
  • Make plaster impressions
  • Take and develop x-rays

In the Dental Assisting program at PCI , you'll learn the skills you need to work in the wide range of jobs listed above. To learn more about the program or to get started, visit the program description page or the online application portal.

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