What Can You Do with a Diploma in Computer and Network Technology?

What Can You Do with a Diploma in Computer and Network Technology?
What Can You Do with a Diploma in Computer and Network Technology?

What Can You Do with a Diploma in Computer and Network Technology?

Porter and Chester Institute (PCI) offers a Computer and Network Technology program that can be completed 100% online in as few as 12 months. Graduates earn a diploma and will receive a laptop, books/eBooks, materials, and more included in the cost of tuition and fees. In addition to their coursework, students will also be able to sit for the CompTIA A+ 1 and 2, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Cloud+ credentialing exams.

There are also specific courses provided to students in the program. These include:

  • Computer Software Applications
  • Operating Systems and Security
  • Computing Infrastructure
  • Alternative Operating Systems
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Network Security
  • Server Fundamentals
  • Cloud Computing
  • Modern Web Development
  • Data Management and Analysis

Career training in computers and network technology may provide you with many exciting opportunities in the field. This will depend on factors such as education, experience, additional skills, and more. Yearly salary per position may differ1.

Network Support Specialist

  • Set up, troubleshoot, and repair network equipment
  • Install new network cabling
  • Upgrade older cabling systems
  • Analyze networking issues

*Massachusetts Average Yearly Salary2: $57,700
*Connecticut Average Yearly Salary3: $57,300

Help Desk Analyst

  • Assist users in solving computer issues
  • Track problems through the use of ticketing
  • Work from a centralized call center
  • Assign tickets to computer issues

*Massachusetts Average Yearly Salary4: $59,600
*Connecticut Average Yearly Salary5: $59,200

Systems Administrator

  • Maintenance and installation of complex computer installations
  • Set up new user accounts
  • Upgrade software
  • Check disk quotas

*Massachusetts Average Yearly Salary6: $74,100
*Connecticut Average Yearly Salary7: $73,700

PC Repair Technician

  • Repair, upgrade, and maintain personal computers
  • Upgrade RAM
  • Replace hard drives
  • Repair and troubleshoot smartphones and mobile computing tablets

*Massachusetts Average Yearly Salary8: $67,800
*Connecticut Average Yearly Salary9: $67,400

Working in the field of Computer and Network Technology may open up doors to different job positions depending on things such as experience, extra skills, additional education, and more. To learn more about the Computer and Network Technology program that PCI offers, visit the program description page. If you're ready to get started, go to the online application portal to enroll.

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