What Can You Do with A Diploma in Welding?

What you can do with a diploma in Welding
What you can do with a diploma in Welding

What Can You Do with A Diploma in Welding?

Porter and Chester Institute (PCI) has launched an all-new Welding program! The program is offered 100% on campus at the Bridgeport, Connecticut and New London, Connecticut campuses. Students can earn a diploma in 10 months and will also be trained to perform Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), and Flux-Colored Arc Welding (FCAW).

While enrolled in the program, students will take courses such as:

  • Open Root Groove Welds
  • Safety, Tools, and Construction Drawing II and II
  • Low Allow and Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Properties of Metals, Pre-Post Heating
  • Plasma Arc, Air Carbon Arc, SMAW Equipment

What can someone do after earning a diploma in Welding? There may be different options available after graduation1. Salary can depend on factors such as time in the field, additional education, etc. and average salaries do not represent entry-level salaries.


Average Yearly Salary2: $68,400


  • Prepares locations for pipeline to be laid
  • Removes obstacles such as fences and water lines
  • Cleans and paints exposed metal to prevent corrosion
  • Controls and minimizes repair expenses through preventative plans and procedures

Welding Inspector

Average Yearly Salary4: $48,600


  • Ensures welded joints on building and manufactured goods meet quality specifications and safety standards
  • Inspects and tests welds on completed and in-process projects
  • Observes welders' techniques and performances
  • Makes recommendations for accepting, reworking, and scrapping pieces of work


Average Yearly Salary6: $62,760


  • Unloads and stacks prefabricated steel so that it can be lifted easily with slings
  • Signals crane operators for positioning of the structural steel
  • Aligns beams and girders into position
  • Connects columns, beams, and girders with bolts or by welding them into place

Underwater Welder

Average Yearly Salary8: $99,100


  • Performs cutting, fitting, and rigging to salvage sunken equipment
  • Calibrates all materials and equipment for welding and diving
  • Identifies weld discontinuities and defects
  • Surveys waters of various depths for obstacles


Average Yearly Salary10: $91,680


  • Installs premade boilers into manufacturing facilities and other buildings
  • Assembles boiler tanks that often involves automatic or robotic welding
  • Inspects and performs tests on boiler systems to find any defects or leaks
  • Repairs or replaces parts such as valves, joints, or pipes, using welding equipment


Average Yearly Salary12: $88,700


  • Welds, assembles, and lubricates pipes
  • Tests functionality of hydraulic and other systems
  • Inspects and prepares sites for construction operations
  • Repairs malfunctions, breakages, or leaks

Sheet Metal Worker

Average Yearly Salary14: $58,750


  • Manufactures and installs various sheet metal products
  • Operates various computerized tools
  • Polishes metal areas like rough surfaces or the seams between two sheets of metal
  • Measures, markets, and lays out sheets of metal for specific jobs

Precious Stone/Metal Worker

Average Yearly Salary16: $42,230


  • Smooths metal surfaces or edges
  • Solders parts or workpieces
  • Repairs precision devices or workpieces
  • Polishes materials, workpieces, or finished products

For more information on the welding program, such as scheduling, tuition cost, scholarships, and more, visit the program description page. If you're ready to enroll, go to the online application portal to get started.

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