Unique Jobs You Could Get with a Cosmetology License

Unique jobs you could get with a cosmetology license
Unique jobs you could get with a cosmetology license

Unique Jobs You Could Get with a Cosmetology License

Getting a cosmetology license can open up a world of opportunities when it comes to careers. Some of them may seem fairly common such as a hairstylist or a makeup artist, but others can be more unique. If you're looking to break into a new and exciting branch of the industry, here are some cool jobs that may be open to you1.

Beauty Writer/Editor

With your cosmetology license, you're skilled in a number of different things including makeup, skin care, and hair. With that knowledge, you could start a blog and talk about what you know and what you're passionate about. Whether that's what haircut is best for your face shape or how to get the perfect eyebrow arch, using your skills in the writing world could get you far.

Makeup Reviewer

If your passion is makeup within cosmetology, consider reviewing some brands or products that you love. You could focus on a specific thing, such as vegan makeup, cover the newest brand launch, and everything in between. With the knowledge that you'll learn in a cosmetology program, you can share your love of the industry doing what you know.

Fashion Show Stylist

As a fashion show stylist, you'll probably be able to lean more into that Avant Garde style of the beauty world. With runways, models, and the buzz of backstage, you could be able to use your license in an out-of-the-box way that you might end up loving.

Editorial/Advertising Stylist

Different than a fashion show stylist, editorial/advertising stylists work with commercial photo shoots. In this position, you have to be prepared for any style the photographer is looking for.

Film and Theater Stylist

Yet another type of stylist, this career may put you backstage of movie sets and curtain calls. As a film and theater stylist, you'll be transforming people into different characters which could involve everything from light styles to hours' worth of FX hair and makeup looks. 

Artistic Director

If you're more interested in the beauty world as a whole, think about pursuing a career as an artistic director. This position includes coming up with trends, styles, and fashion for beauty companies. 

With a license in cosmetology, there are a lot of interesting and unique jobs you may be qualified for in addition to working at a salon or having a free-lance business you run. To learn more about Porter and Chester Institute's cosmetology program, visit the program description page or the online application portal.

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