Trade School vs a 4-Year College in 2022

Trade School vs a 4-Year College in 2022
Trade School vs a 4-Year College in 2022

Trade School vs a 4-Year College in 2022

Porter and Chester Institute (PCI) offers career training programs in many different fields including automotive, skilled trades, computers, healthcare, and more. When looking to gain a higher-education degree or certification, there is a debate as to which type of education may be more beneficial: trade school or a college degree.

There are many differences between the two:

Tuition Price1

  • The average cost of a traditional 4-year college has more than doubled in the 21st century
  • The average rise in tuition at a 4-year private school is 2.3%
  • Traditional college costs roughly $100,000 throughout a 4-year period

Time to Complete2

  • A trade program often takes less than two years to complete
  • A traditional college degree usually takes four years to complete
  • A shorter program length may keep students more engaged in their studies

Demand in Careers1

  • The five IT (information technology) jobs with the best outlook nationally are IT research scientists, web developers, information security analysts, computer support specialists, and software developers
  • Nationally, as of December 2021, 41.3% of recent college graduates were underemployed

Hands-On Training3

  • Programs tend to align with latest field trends
  • Helps students to better home in on certain skills needed in the field
  • Classes are taught by individuals who have experience in the field

Small Class Sizes3

  • Smaller classes may mean more time with an instructor
  • Classes are shared with other like-minded students
  • Trade school classes may be significantly smaller than classes at a traditional 4-year college

When looking to get involved in higher education, there are many options to consider. However, when considering a trade school over a traditional 4-year college, there may be factors that sway you toward a trade diploma. To learn more about the programs you may be able to get involved in at PCI, check out the program listings page. If you're ready to get started, you can apply through the online application portal.