Is There a Good HVAC School Near Me?

Is There a Good HVAC School Near Me?
Is There a Good HVAC School Near Me?

Is There a Good HVAC School Near Me?

Have you been thinking about beginning a career in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) field? Does the flexibility and variety of being on the go, installing and troubleshooting HVACR systems at homes or businesses sound good to you? Perhaps you're ready to find the right place to start your career education and training. If this is you, here's what to look for in a HVACR school!

Experience training HVACR technicians

Choose a school that knows how to train students to become professional technicians. How can you tell? Find out how long they've been in business. Have they been at it for five years? Or 50? It makes a difference! Career training schools with a long history of training in the areas of HVACR and the skilled trades have stood the test of time. They've seen the ups and downs of job prospects and have learned how to stay relevant. They employ instructors that are professionals from the HVACR industry who not only know how to teach, but also know what students are likely to encounter on the job. Their years of experience and connections to employers make them an invaluable resource!

Preparation for licenses and certifications

Did you know some states and localities require HVACR technicians to be licensed? And that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires technicians who buy, handle, or work with refrigerants to be certified in proper refrigerant handling? Be sure to keep this top of mind when looking for a HVACR school. The school's program should prepare you for the certifications and licenses you'll need to enter the HVACR field!

Hands-on, industry-modeled training

While there are components to your education that can happen online, if you want real-world HVACR experience, you need hands-on training in industry-modeled classrooms and labs. You'll want to train in an environment that is equipped with the same kinds of heating, cooling and refrigeration units that are currently in use in residential and commercial buildings. Having access to and working with analytical equipment, meters, gauges, refrigerant recovery units, piping, ventilation tools, and specialized hand tools HVACR technicians find on the job is a must!

Accredited school

Accreditation is important - it shows that a school is committed to excellence and to providing the education that students want, need and deserve. It validates the integrity of the school's programs and the value of the education that students receive. Accreditation means that a school is regularly assessed to ensure that programs meet or exceed strict industry standards of quality and are properly preparing students for their chosen fields.

Now that you know what to look for in a HVACR program, your next step is to find a good HVACR school near you. With campuses across Connecticut and Massachusetts, Porter and Chester Institute is an experienced, consistent provider of technical education and training in many career fields including HVACR. Our HVACR program is offered at our campuses in Bridgeport, Hamden, and Waterbury CT, and Chicopee and Worcester, MA. Porter and Chester Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Visit our HVACR program page to learn more about our hands-on, industry-modeled program!