How Can You Prepare for the Electrical Technology Program?

Electrical Technology Program at our Connecticut campuses
Electrical Technology Program at our Connecticut campuses

How Can You Prepare for the Electrical Technology Program?

Porter and Chester Institute (PCI) offers an Electrical Technology Program at our Connecticut campuses that can be completed in as few as 12 months. Offered in a hybrid format, some of the learning will be completed online and some of the learning will be completed in an on-campus lab. Since a majority of the online portion is asynchronous, assignments can be completed on your own time, within a certain boundary. There are still due dates, tests, and other time-sensitive projects, but you can mostly do those assignments in a time that best fits with your schedule.

Before starting the Electrical Technology program, there are things you can do to prepare.

Graduate High School or Get/Finish Your GED

At PCI, programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or the equivalent (e.g. GED). Before applying for the Electrical Technology program, make sure that you have the required education. Representatives in admissions can advise you regarding the right steps to either finish your GED or get the PCI application process started.

Figure Out Which Schedule Works Best for You

Since PCI provides this program in a hybrid format, molding an education around your busy lifestyle has gotten easier. In addition, certain PCI campuses offer the option of completing on-campus learning in the evening as well as during the day. This can cater specifically to people who have to work during the day, stay home with their kids, etc.

Research the Program

A crucial part of starting a new education experience is knowing exactly what you’ll be learning. For example, in the Electrical Technology program at our Connecticut campuses, you’ll be educated to prepare to take the E-2 Unlimited Electrical Journeyperson licensure exam. You’ll also learn things like how to install electric power distribution systems, how to work on motors, transformers, and generators, commercial and residential wiring, industrial motor control with PLCs (program logic controllers), and how to wire and connect circuitry.

Talk with an Educational Funding Team Member

PCI has many financial aid options available for qualified individuals. Scholarships and grants may also be available to eligible candidates. Before starting in the Electrical Technology program, check with the financial aid office and see if you qualify for financial aid.

Pursuing a higher-education diploma can be an exciting time. In taking these steps before starting, you’ll have a better understanding of the school, the program, and what your time at PCI may look like. To learn more about the Electrical Technology program, visit the program description page. If you’re ready to enroll, sign up using our online application portal.