8 Benefits of Choosing a Trade School Education at PCI

8 Benefits of Choosing a Trade School Education at PCI
8 Benefits of Choosing a Trade School Education at PCI

8 Benefits of Choosing a Trade School Education at PCI

Choosing to pursue higher education through a trade school can be an exciting thing. Although there are many options when considering a higher education diploma, a trade school may be a great option for you. But what exactly are the benefits of pursing an education at a trade school, like Porter and Chester Institute?

1.    Flexible Schedule

At Porter and Chester Institute (PCI), programs are offered with flexible delivery options which let you learn on your own schedule. Visit our "How You'll Learn" page to see which of our programs are offered in our various formats.

Because of these different learning options, it may be easier to work your schedule around classes. In addition to different learning formats, most classes are also offered in both a day and evening schedule for on-campus labs.

2.    Innovative Learning Formats

PCI expanded options for learning in response to the classroom limitations caused by the  COVID-19 pandemic  Some of the changes to the programs that were made in that 2020 response have stayed in place. For example, PCI continues to offer hybrid learning in many programs.

Hybrid learning consists of programs being taught both online and in-person. A majority of the online portion of the program consists of asynchronous learning where assignments can be completed in your own time, within a certain boundary. There are still tests, due dates, and other time-sensitive projects. But, within those parameters, you can mostly complete assignments in a way that works best with you schedule. There is still an expectation that students will spend an average of 25-30 hours per week on school work. This time frame includes both online and in-person work.

3.    Lower Cost of Tuition

In most cases, a trade school education tuition is lower than a college education. This can also partly be because the programs are shorter, and students won't have to pay for four years of schooling.

4.    Quicker Graduation

A trade school education is quicker to achieve than a 4-year university. Due to the scheduling of the classes at PCI, students can graduate from certain programs in as little as 10 months. That is significantly shorter than a 4-year university program.  Because of course lengths shorter than those at a 4-year school, students will be able to be out in the field quicker, using the hands-on skills they learned at a trade school.

5.    Learn Real-World Skills

PCI offers programs that are hands-on, such as Automotive Technology or Dental Assisting, teaching the skills our industry partners have indicated are most in demand. People will always need skilled professionals in the fields of HVACR, cosmetology, Dental Assisting, etc., and you can imagine what that means for job security after graduation.

6.    Instructors Experienced

Instructors at PCI have experience in whatever program they're teaching in. Instead of teaching from a strictly academic standpoint, instructors will also be able to provide tips that they've learned from being in the field, themselves.

7.    Hands-On Experience

At a 4-year university, students may not get the tangible skills they need to really excel in the career field they've chosen. That's why, at PCI, most programs are taught using hands-on experience. This includes programs such as Practical Nursing that requires off-campus clinical training, Dental Assisting that uses in-person Dental Assisting labs, and Cosmetology that is taught in an on-campus salon.

8.    Prep for Post-Graduation Exams

Some programs, such as Dental Assisting, Practical Nursing, Cosmetology, and others, require some sort of exam after graduation. At PCI, preparation for those exams is built into the curriculum. Please note that some of exams cannot be taken until a graduate has worked a certain number of hours in the field. However, PCI provides both the knowledge needed to pass the exam, as well as the in-school experience that will prepare you for employment in your career field after graduation.

Learn More About PCI's Program Offerings

PCI offers the education you need to excel in a certain career field after graduation. To learn more about the programs that the school offers, check out our program list. If you're ready to apply, visit our online application portal to get started.