6 Soft Skills Employers Want in their New Hires

6 Soft Skills Employers Want in their New Hires

When it comes to getting hired, you’ll need solid workplace skills and career training to land the job. But did you know that most employers give equal importance to your soft skills? Soft skills are those traits you possess that mean you’ll make a great employee. Characteristics like your work ethic, attitude and ability to get along with others are what employers look at to determine if you’ll be a good fit to their organization and worth hiring.

These are the top 6 soft skills employers are looking for. Do you have them?

  1. Positive Attitude: According to a recent survey, 84 percent of human resource professionals said that they’re looking for a positive attitude in job candidates.* That means coming ready to work and willing to tackle whatever your supervisor needs you to.
  2. Dependability: In another survey, employment professionals placed dependability as the number one skill they look for in new hires.** If you’re dependable, your employer will rely on you to do your job and may also consider giving you additional responsibility. And that added trust can translate to promotions and pay raises!
  3. Communication Skills: More than 80 percent of hiring managers said they look for good communication skills in new employees.* They want you to be able to effectively communicate with customers and your fellow employees in-person, over the telephone and in writing.
  4. Loyalty: When you get a job, you want to keep it. Just like you hope your employer will keep you on, employers want you to be loyal and committed to a long-term working relationship with them. They consider you an investment and they’re willing to spend time and money training you as long as you’re committed to your job and the company.
  5. Team-Player: Almost three-quarters of HR professional say they’re looking for team-players when they hire.* They want you to be the type of person who thinks about the good of the company and is willing to work hard alongside your co-workers to get the job done, whatever it is.
  6. Strong Work Ethic: And it’s that willingness to work hard that employers want most! Your good work ethic is about always doing the best job you can. Employers want you to be motivated and willing to take on challenges by putting your best foot forward every time. They want you to do what your supervisor tells you to do, but they like it even better when you know what to do without being told. Taking the initiative and driving yourself towards individual and organizational success demonstrates to them that you really care about your job and your company.

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