4 Benefits of Learning from Teachers from the Field

4 Benefits of Learning from Teachers from the Field

Experience really is the best teacher. That’s why choosing a career training program that has faculty with real world experience may be the best decision you could ever make! At Porter and Chester Institute, you’re taught by professionals from the field who take a hands-on approach to all instruction. Hands-on training is a must for professions like automotive technology, computer and network technology and many careers in healthcare, but that hands-on instruction should come from professionals with a whole lot of their own experience out in the field. Here are 4 reasons why:

Real World Knowledge

Professionals from the field know all about how things work in the real world. Of course you need to know about the fundamentals of electricity, electrical code and safety if you want to become an electrician. However, you also need to understand all the different kinds of electrical wiring and systems you might encounter. Someone who has extensive field experience also has vast knowledge –and they can share it with you.

Examples from the Field

Professionals from the field also know that theories from a book can only take you so far. A picture-perfect diagram that shows how an air conditioning system should be installed may be a far cry from the way it actually is installed in someone’s home or business. Professional HVACR technicians who have worked out in the field can give you real world examples of what you might encounter on the job.

Atmosphere of Respect

All our instructors strive to bring the professionalism they use in the real world to our students in the classroom. They’ll set a great example by treating you with respect and they’ll expect you to be equally respectful, in return. They recognize that you’re an adult and deserved to be treated like one.

Employment Insight

Professionals know what the job and the job market is really like. They often have insight about what area employers might be looking for and what kinds of positions are in demand. They can also teach you the soft skills that employers really want from their employees. Lessons about professionalism, punctuality and attention to detail don’t come from a book –but they could come from a professional who knows the ins and outs of the real world.

At Porter and Chester Institute, we’ll teach you the technical skills you need to begin your career training, but we’ll also teach you real world lessons that can be equally as valuable. And those lessons will be taught by professionals from the field you plan to enter.