Adulting like a pro: 3 steps to help you prepare for the real world

Adulting like a pro: 3 steps to help you prepare for the real world

How to improve your confidence and succeed in your career path

Adulting is hard. Navigating life after school can feel like a huge, confusing responsibility, but by preparing now for life in the real world, your transition to adulting can be an enjoyable one.

First, let’s talk about your confidence. Confidence is key when pursuing a goal or dream in life. However, fewer students are feeling prepared for the workplace after graduation. A recent study by the Gallup & Strada Education Network indicated that just 34 percent of surveyed students believe they will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed in order to be successful in the job market.

Looking to improve your confidence? By taking the right steps to prepare yourself, you can feel ready to succeed in your chosen career path

Find A Mentor — and Ask Questions

Having a mentor in your professional life can help you confront workplace concerns like delivering a presentation or dealing with management. Tackle your fears by building valuable relationships with career advisors and instructors at your school. Speaking with a mentor is something that will help benefit you while enrolled and once you accept a job. Take the time now to hone these skills and, soon enough, you’ll overcome any fears you may have.

At Porter and Chester Institute, we have Career Services Advisors who can provide you with the assistance and advice you need to feel more comfortable about what to expect when you enter the workplace.  

Become an Active Listener

Use your lecture time as a way to get more job-ready by practicing active listening skills. What might this look like? Start by asking questions and staying engaged in the conversation. You may also paraphrase to show your instructor you’ve grasped the concept being discussed, or connecting the lesson at hand to another similar experience to demonstrate understanding. 

Active listening is a quality that employers look for when seeking new employees, and when evaluating the performance of existing ones. Not only will this prepare you for your future job, but it can also help you ace your next exam.

Practice Teamwork and Leadership

Teamwork and collaboration are keys to success in today’s job market. When you enter the real world, you’ll often work in group settings to tackle projects and assignments. By doing so, it brings together multiple individuals to use their collective critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Luckily, PCI students are exposed to group work from the start of their time on campus. Utilize this time to learn team dynamics, and don’t be afraid to take the lead every now and then.

Are you ready to take the next step towards adulting and a rewarding career?  Visit to schedule a visit and see how PCI can help provide you the tools to succeed in your journey.