Computer and Network Technology

Computer and Network Technology

Our Computer and Network Technology program is now 100% online!

The Computer and Network Technology program at Porter and Chester Institute can prepare you to work on computers and their networks in a variety of settings in as few as 12 months. And we've just reduced tuition for this program!

Fast Facts

  • 100% Online
  • Diploma
  • Program Length: 12 months
  • Total cost $19,995 (Includes: Tuition, Laptop, eBooks/books, materials, uniforms, and student fees)
  • Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Our team will work with you to determine what you’re eligible for and how to pay for school.

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Licenses, Certifications, Credentials

Students are able to sit for the following credentialing exams as part of their program:

  • CompTIA A+ 1 and 2
  • CompTIA Network +
  • CompTIA Cloud +

Your first test fees are included in the cost of the program.

How/When to Apply

We start new sessions on a regular basis.
Next Start Date: January 10, 2022

At Porter and Chester Institute, we're making it easier than ever for you to enroll using our automated application portal. Upload your documents and start the financial aid process without the hassle of drawn-out application processes. And our admissions staff is still available to help you every step of the way. Taking control of your career just got easier!

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  • Classes are 100% online, to be completed on your own schedule
  • You'll need to reserve 25-30 hours per week for educational activities and study
  • First week includes acclimation to the systems and laptop

Course Listings

Term 1
CDMDE 1001 Computing Infrastructure
CDMDE 1002 Computer Software Applications
Term 2
CDMDE 1003 Operating Systems and Security
CDMDE 1004 Alternative Operating Systems
Term 3
CDMDE 1005 Networking Fundamentals
CDMDE 1006 Network Security
Term 4
CDMDE 1007 Server Fundamentals
CDMDE 1008 Cloud Computing
Term 5
CDMDE 2001 Modern Web Development
CDMDE 2002 Data Management and Analysis

Why PCI?

If you’re already good with computers and like solving some real world puzzles, here are just a few reasons to get your computer networking training at Porter and Chester Institute:

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Job Outlook: 
Computers are everywhere and they all need to be set up, maintained and fixed when things go wrong. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs as a computer support specialist are expected to grow 8% through 2029. And our computer training classes will teach you the training you need to work in fields like business, education, healthcare, finance and much more!

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Concrete Skills: 
You’ll be trained to install computer hardware and software. You’ll learn all about operating systems, networking interface components, cabling and connectivity. You’ll learn how to connect computers to company intranets and the Internet and how to maintain, test, evaluate and perform routine updates to them and their networks. You’ll also learn the importance of network administration and security and how to help companies run and protect their data.

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Hands-on Training: 
The hallmark of all our programs is hands-on learning. Your work station will replicate what you might find in the field and you’ll get to learn by doing –not just from reading about theories in a book.

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The computer networking technology training you receive will help prepare you for certification in A+, MCP and Network+, which are the nationally recognized standards of leading IT employers.

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Soft Skills: 
In addition to computer knowledge, you’ll learn how to present yourself as a professional in today’s work environment. We’ll teach you what it means to be a good employee in a real world setting.

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