New Student iPad Setup

New Student iPad Setup


iPad Resources

Below we have multiple resources to assist you in the initial setup and use of your school iPad.

If you're new to PCI please select start here to follow and complete ALL of the initial setup steps. You will also find helpful videos showing you how to complete the various setup steps. It's super important that you follow ALL of the setup steps in order to be prepared for your first week of classes.

iPad Setup Videos

Please watch this video series demonstrating iPad setup in order!

» Click here for written instructions for iPad Setup

Portal Information

Students sign up for Portal individually. You may have already done this, particularly if you applied for a loan through the Credit Union. If you have not signed up, please watch these 2 videos and register for Portal:

Frequently Asked Questions

Use this section to find the answers to frequently asked questions about access to your various Apps or electronic learning resources. Check here first before contacting Support!

» FAQ link here

Contact Information

Contact our Student Technical Support Services Team if you’re stuck or have an issue with accessing any of your electronic learning resources. If you need to know how to do something within your course, or inside an App or Program, please work directly with your instructor.

» Contact Student Technical Support